An artist, a record label and a common philosophy: POP CAUTIOUS is a composite concept that is best expressed simply --

through the honest resonance of authentic music.

First off, POP CAUTIOUS is the creative persona of Texas-born and raised singer-songwriter,

Tyler Porterfield.

Growing up near Houston in the Galveston Bay town of Seabrook, POP CAUTIOUS was first mesmerized by piano hymns played by his grandmother. 

Studying classical music and theory, he showed up at piano lessons playing Blink 182 songs by ear.

Church and school bands added to the mix as he alternated between guitar and drums.

In high school, he formed a group with his two brothers that toured regionally.

It was the music of Simon and Garfunkel, introduced to him by his choir teacher that he remembers,

“Really sparked the fire.”

At the University of Texas in Austin, POP CAUTIOUS majored in music theory, with film as his minor.

In Los Angeles for his college’s film program, he scored student films.

Returning to Texas, it was clear that a move to The Golden State was in the cards.

Enrolling in Musicians Institute in the center of Hollywood opened up new possibilities, as POP CAUTIOUS studied the methods of the modern music business and the rise of indie record companies.

He met similar souls whose styles and philosophies were complimentary to his vision.

To create a home for this inclusive community, the Pop Cautious record label was formulated. 

“This has been growing organically,” says POP CAUTIOUS. 

“It is a collective, collaborative movement of artists helping each other out.”

At Musicians Institute, POP CAUTIOUS joined singer-songwriter Seneca Pettee to play mandolin for her project. This partnership blossomed into the band Seneca and The River, now signed to 


All of the company’s artists intersect artistically: Singer-songwriter Luke Strand also plays trumpet with Seneca and the River, while label signee Devin O'Rourke directs videos for the artists.

This concept of interdependence, tradeoffs and barters is integral to the label’s philosophy, a small town spirit in the heart of Hollywood.